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A part of my life. Seeing. Working with the soul of the moment. Giving eternity to the moment and taking a bit of transience out of its magic.

I am interested in the authenticity of the moment. The authenticity of the person in front of my camera. Their story and their honesty. That has to be seen. That`s what keeps me.

The camera.

My tool. It gives me the permission to be in places where I wouldn't be without it. It gives me the closeness and the distance at the same time. With it, I feel like if I've disappeared. Through it, I can see so much.


The light.

Also a tool. I love it, when light touches the honesty. When the light reveals the truth from the dark. I also love the dark. Drawing with both, playing and letting draw.


The time.

Another tool. How it suddenly stops. How things continue at the same time. How it can be a storyteller. How it can hold the past. It can change the future. A hundredth of a second of reality. Reality that sometimes allows us to see more than the reality itself.


The human.

Complex. Interesting. Everyone with a story. A depth not always visible. A depth that isn't always shown. It doesn't have to be. I want to know more. I want to see more. What is. Authentic. The beauty of individuality. There is no judgement in a image. There`s only to see. And learn that so much is unseen.


Born 1986.

I am also a tool. In my job as a photographer. I photograph you, your story, your product, your event. Just give me a call or send me a  e-mail.

I was 18 years old when i started my education in photography taught by Heinz Bigler, advertising photographer. Over time I have worked as a freelancer for a newspaper, for fashion labels and as an assistant to a photography teacher. At the same time, I did my own projects, in reportage photography and portraiture. That's what I really like to do. Catching the moment of life. The perfection of the imperfect. I have travelled. And at the same time I have always worked as self employer since I finished my education. I have worked for many different clients and companies.

Since a few years I am  mother of two kids, I reduced. Now I am back.

And I want you to be my client!

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